“Victim or customer?” Maligina’s daughter calls her stepmother Elīna’s statements a provocation

Yesterday evening, Elīna Maligina informed in a conversation with Jauns.lv that she is now completely surprised by the actions of her stepdaughters Irina and Nika, as well as their lawyers. “We agreed to sign a settlement and we and our sisters divorced our friends. The sisters only had to come and sign a settlement that was very beneficial to them, but they did not come, ”said Elīna Maligina.

“I really have a belief that my daughters are already accompanied by certain people, because otherwise I really can’t explain the lack of simple logic. I have not seen a stepdaughter in recent months, or so it has not happened to them, which is very bad or there is no problem. I cannot understand how adults can do so to the detriment of their father’s business and add a point to the division of inheritance. In the draft agreement, I agree to even a smaller part of the inheritance than I am legally entitled to, in order to end disputes, disagreements and possible misunderstandings. But let’s live in peace and harmony, let’s allow the company to operate logically. I call Irina and Nick – we put an end to the inheritance case and we divorce! ” stepdaughters called Elīna Maligina.

Valery Maligina’s two eldest daughters, Irina Maligina and Nika Saveljeva, Elīna Maligina, have now come up with their own version of what’s going on. The statement of the principal regarding the allegedly planned signing of the agreement on the division of the inheritance is a false statement and a provocation.

“A reasonable question arises, are all these statements and claims made the words and ideas of Elīna Maligina? Is it really him who at the same time slanders his father, making unreasonable and defamatory claims, is ready to give up words for money? But without immediate fulfillment of wishes, are you ready to continue your dubious and dishonest actions?

The only thing that is true is that negotiations that would allow her to claim many millions of euros were in progress. Such unilateral and ultimate statements are not a way to reach an agreement. We have reasonable concerns that such dishonesty is an attempt to justify planned actions against JSC Olainfarm in the near future by Elīna Maligina and her advisors, contrary to the interests of the company and the heirs. Most likely, such an action is a way to create an excuse and timely justify the attempt to interfere illegally in the operation of the company, ”emphasizes the daughters of the premature deceased entrepreneur.

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Earlier, there were rumors that the value of Valery Maligin’s property is estimated at about 70 million euros. By law, Elīna is entitled to 1/8 of them, which is payable in cash. In connection with various applications to the police and Elīna Maligina’s application to the Jurmala courthouse of the Riga district, where she disputes the will left by Valery Maligin, in which her name cannot be found. The legacy case could only start to move forward legally in September.

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