Victims of double homicide in Santa Marta would be part of the ‘La Silla’ clan

Alexander de Jesús Granados Herrera and Óscar Javier Jacoby Bonett were the two people killed in a hitman attack that happened on Avenida del Libertador with Carrera 19, in Santa Marta.

The authorities indicated that Cristian Camilo González Robles, alias ‘Bejuco’, is torn between life and death in the Intensive Care Unit of the Mar Caribe clinic, where they were admitted after the shooting that occurred on Thursday night.

Witnesses noted that the criminal action was perpetrated by hitmen on two motorcycles, who shot the occupants of the Volkswagen vehicle, black in color and license plate HTC-573, more than ten times.

Through images that circulated on social networks, it is appreciated how those affected arrived at the medical centerWhile alias ‘Bejuco’ was admitted with multiple injuries to the body, the nursing staff provided assistance to one of the wounded who later died at around 8:00 pm



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