Sports Victor, about the diffusion of his video: «You are...

Victor, about the diffusion of his video: «You are collaborating with these gangster gangs»


Víctor Sánchez del Amo He did not skimp on details when explaining how he was dismissed as coach of Malaga after the appearance of a sex video yours last week. It was his time to answer the club's statement and he did it very clearly and schematically in an appearance in which he did not offer more details about the investigation, recommended by his lawyers and police services, although it made it clear that he would never collaborate with criminals like the ones that brought the video to light. "I have not accepted blackmail because I would feel that I support these mafia gangs behind," he said, throwing a reflection at society about social networks and the extreme gravity of the crime suffered.

«I have suffered a crime for violation of my privacy with harassment and extortion, which took pictures without my consent that are part of my most absolute intimacy. It is a fact that I condemn, ”he said on the verge of tears.

«It is a subject of maximum gravity. We are talking about crimes whose victims reach suicide situations. The main objectives are minors and women, it is something to treat him in a very serious way », he remarked in an intervention in which he was accompanied by all his 'staff' but also by his wife in the front row in front of the microphones.

He focused on social networks and people who collaborate, "voluntarily or involuntarily" with these crimes. «I want to explain that there are two parts of crime, a creation that corresponds to these gangster bands. That find voluntary or involuntary collaborations in the field of dissemination, which is also a crime. The dissemination of this content is a crime. Here I believe, I am tremendously overwhelmed, seeing the news that there are 900 profiles investigated for spreading that content without my consent. My head escapes. Where are we going? What are social networks becoming? Ignorance of the laws does not exempt us from the responsibility of our actions, ”he said.

«Anyone who receives such content, whether it is about their own person or a family member, what happens to them. Can you think of spreading it and making jokes? Please, we have to reflect. Voluntarily or involuntarily you are collaborating with these gangster gangs. Please, to the authorities and politicians: measures must be taken. We need to release much clearer messages and foster a much more civic society. May this serve as an example. The first thing I talked to my children is to tell them that I'm glad it happened to me and not to them. May it serve as an apprenticeship for those who have committed a crime ”, he settled in an appearance in which he chronologically reported the process that culminated in his dismissal, which he described as“ unworthy ”.

The club never saw him rejoin

«On Tuesday (January 7) late in the afternoon the club, through its general director and via whatsapp, sends me a statement in which I leave the team to investigate the facts: my press conference before the game of Oviedo and for this event with the dissemination of the video, ”he contextualized before stating that“ he was prevented from accessing any club facility and communicating with any employee, including his coaching staff ”.

«And at the same time they make a statement in which they say they separate me and period. Not a question for my family or me, or how I feel. They put me to the next Monday at the stadium. Imagine how my mood was at that moment. I have my family in my head, ”criticized Victor the lack of humanity of the club management. And even, he added, at that moment he proposed to leave the club: «I understand that they don't love me and my answer is very simple: pay me what worked until the day worked and I leave».

But Malaga did not accept that and extended its decision until Saturday. Earlier, time in Victor's technical team trained two days with Victor's coaching staff, the club went out in the press room to communicate that they were in negotiation to seek a "friendly resolution."

Something that Víctor denied in his appearance: «I was offered less than the salary worked, which seems unworthy to me. And later, They say they want to control my communication about the fact, and that is unquestionable for me. I will not accept in that situation, that they control my freedom of expression in any way. I was disciplined in compliance with what I have been told from the club while I have been employed by the club. I did not make any communication and here I am giving the explanations, ”he said.

Now, "the solution is in the hands of legal teams," confirmed his lawyer, Paco Valverde. The same one who works in the criminal complaint against Al-Thani for unfair administration brought by the Association of Small Shareholders (APA).


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