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Home Entertainment "Victor and Célia", without cutting hairs

"Victor and Célia", without cutting hairs

Victor and Célia **

from Pierre Jolivet

French film, 1 hr 31

Is it a good idea to start a business with an ex? Ten years after the end of their story, Victor offers to Célia to join together to set up a hairdressing salon. He started the project with his friend Ben, but he killed himself on a motorcycle. After a time of mourning and renunciation, Victor plans to continue with Célia. " At school already we talked about it "He pleads. He leads her to the hardware store he plans to transform. She refuses. Without hesitation. She has no money to invest. Moreover, his companion says it and repeats it: " To start on his own today is suicide. But her boss allows herself to move her actions and the idea instilled by Victor of a place apart where to print its mark and give time to the customers seduces her.

Even if we sometimes knew more inspired, Pierre Jolivet knits a pretty comedy on a subject hardly seen in the cinema. As always, it starts from the desire to film a social environment. " I like people who have imagination as their only weapon and who, thanks to it, will rise above the box where they were limited He says.

It follows step by step these thirty in the series of pitfalls that stands in their way: complicated financing to rise for both parties, partner status impossible for Victor due to a banking ban, reluctant owner of the premises, pre-emption from the town hall, etc. The succession of obstacles would certainly seem repulsive without the energy of the duo of the same name, brilliantly interpreted by two sparkling actors, Arthur Dupont and Alice Belaïdi. In their mouths, the aftershocks hit the mark and sound astonishingly right.

The wage and the very small company

Behind this documented painting of the vagaries of the creation of a TPE, the difficulties of the wage-earning system are sketched out with its lot of sexual harassment, of performance requirement to the detriment of the quality of the service and rigidity of the management in its injunctions.

We doubt of course the evolution of the relationship of Victor and Célia in a social comedy coupled with a romance. Apart from the delightful grandmother of Célia incarnated by the touching Tassadit Mandi, the minor roles disappoint a little. Nevertheless, he blows a wind full of freshness on this tandem accomplice who undertakes against all odds to take control of his destiny.



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