Victory by BG Göttingen: These three players made the difference

General relief prevailed at BG Göttingen after the 86:79 (44:42) win against s.Oliver Würzburg. Coach Roel Moors and his team knew this game could have ended very differently. But at just the right moment, when Würzburg was about to turn the game around, the violets could once again rely on the players who make the difference when things get tight. On Monday evening, these were mainly these three players:


The US guard was the focus of what was likely to be the game’s defining scene. The Würzburg team had previously fought back with an 11-0 run in the last quarter against the Violets, who had already led by twelve points and looked like the sure winners. The BG recovered, but the hosts stayed tuned and sensed their chance. There were still three minutes to play with the score of 75:73 from the guests’ point of view, when Toolson almost frittered away the ball under pressure from the Würzburg defense, but grabbed it again and somehow put it into the basket after 24 seconds. He probably didn’t remember how exactly afterwards, but it was the points that finally pulled the plug on the hosts.

The BG’s top scorer was not able to set many accents in the first three quarters, also because he was burdened with three fouls early on. He then traded the fourth in a scuffle with Würzburg’s Desi Rodriguez at the beginning of the last round. So BG coach Moors put his best man back on the bench, knowing he could be important at the end. And he was. After Toolson had scored with his daring action to 77:73 and counted the opponent badly, Baldwin came onto the floor and gave the Würzburg team the KO with six points in a row. They took another time-out, but the defeat was sealed with it.

s.Oliver Würzburg – BG Goettingen 2021/22

Difficult game for the BG Göttingen in Würzburg shortly after Christmas.

© Eibner Press Photo

The US guard was the player of the match. Not only was he on the floor longer than any other player that evening with 34 minutes and 32 seconds. He was also the top scorer of the game with 21 points and also had the most assists (6). Brown was the thinker and guide of the BG game, and whenever he allowed himself one of his few breathers, his team didn’t thrive. Consequently, it was he who scored the last points for the violets – with a three pointer to 86:77. Shortly afterwards it was over – and the BG had pulled its head out of the noose again. Thank Brown.

BG captain Akeem Vargas was relieved after the narrow win. “In the end we hit the important shots,” said Vargas at MagentaSport, citing Baldwin’s six points just before the end as an example. Vargas himself had delivered one of his best games of the season, hit four out of four threes and scored 16 points. Nevertheless, the team “made life unnecessarily difficult” through negligence, criticized the captain. Of course, the fourth win in a row is fantastic: “We’ve consolidated our position with it.”

BG coach Moors was obviously happy with the win, but less so with how it came about. “It’s always difficult to prepare for a team with a new coach. We expected an enthusiastic opponent with a lot of energy, and Würzburg showed that too,” said the Belgian about Würzburg, where new coach Sasa Filipovski was on the sidelines for the first time.

The violets had the momentum on their side several times in the second half, but then gave it up again with unnecessary turnovers. “In the end, my team showed character and that was just good enough to win the game,” emphasized head coach Moors.

s.Oliver Würzburg – BG Göttingen 79:86 (18:25; 24:19; 12:22; 25:20)

Würzburg: Böhmer (0 points / 0 threes / 1 rebound / 0 assists), King (0/0/0/0), Parody (16/2/3/5), Gielo (4/1/2/1), Albus ( 3/1/2/0), Skele (8/0/4/0), Moller (10/2/7/0), Rodriguez (8/0/7/2), Hunt (11/1/4 / 2), Buford (17/3/3/5), Stanic (2/0/6/1). – Team values: Feldwürfe 27/66 (41%), Dreier 10/23 (43%), Freiwürfe 15/18 (83%), Rebounds 40 (13 off./27 def.), Assists 16, Ballverluste 11, Fouls 25 .

BG Goettingen: Toolson (13pts/3 trebles/3 rebounds/1 assist), Roberson (0/0/1/0), Vargas (16/4/4/0), Hujic (3/1/1/3), Hartwich (3/0/6/0), Moenninghoff (3/1/3/1), Kamp (9/0/2/2), Brown (21/2/4/6), Giotis (0/0/0 /0), Baldwin (18/3/2/4). – Team values: Field shots 28/56 (50&), three-pointers 14/28 (50%), free throws 16/23 (70%), rebounds 30 (6 off./24 def.), assists 17, turnovers 12, fouls 20.