Victory of Ricciardo, errors of Verstappen: Red Bull with double face during the Grand Prix of China


Daniel Ricciardo won the Chinese Grand Prix, thanks to a strategic shot by his team and fabulous overtaking. His teammate Verstappen, also racing for the victory, on the other hand has ruined everything in maneuvers scrambled. Max Verstappen do not like to lose. Especially when the victory reaches out to him. And this success was for him. But this Sunday, the one that the paddock adulates, cajole and venerate is only fifth. This Sunday, he was stole the show by more brilliant than him. To be able to shade the Dutch, usually flying, one must be a sacred animal, a rare species, miraculous cross between the wisdom of the owl’s wisdom and the cruel badness of Cape Zorilla, fierce cousin of the badger that takes place from emblem to winner of the day, Daniel Ricciardo . Sunday, the Australian has shown that he should not forget or especially to remove from the list of contenders for the title. Under his charming smile and his galéjades of carabin, he hides, to those who would have quickly buried him, an impressive mentality of warrior, a talent out of the ordinary and a resistance all Darwinian. Having arrived at Red Bull in the shadow of the four titles of Sebastian Vettel, Daniel Ricciardo had managed to eclipse the German star (three wins to zero in 2014). Cohabitation since the …

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