Victory of Ukraine at Eurovision, France far behind in the standings

Ukraine won Eurovision thanks to the performance of the Ukrainian group Kalush Orchestra. Big disappointment for France and Alvan and Ahez, penultimate in the ranking.

[Mis à jour le 16 mai 2022 à 9h51] Eurovision took place this Saturday, May 14, 2022. France 2 broadcast the 66th edition of the competition as every year. Ukraine crowned winner. In the midst of war since the Russian invasion, Ukraine won the final of the contest. Represented by the rap group Kalush Orchestra, she was crowned thanks in particular to the vote of the public. Then followed, the United Kingdom in second place and Spain to finish the podium.

France was represented by the Breton group Alvan and Ahez at Eurovision 2022. It only obtained the penultimate place. There are four members in this formation: the female trio Ahez Marine Lavigne, Sterenn Diridollou and Sterenn Le Guillou and the musician Alexis Morvan-Rosius, known as Alvan. They were selected on March 5, during the program “Eurovision France: it’s you who decide”. The tricolor group performed on the Turin stage the song “Fulenn”, which means, in Breton, both “spark” and “pretty girl”. With 17 points, Alvan & Ahez finished in 24th place out of 25 in the Eurovision Song Contest 2022. It has been since 1977 and Marie Myriam’s victory that France has not won Eurovision.

The complete classification of Eurovision 2022

  1. Ukraine (631 points)
  2. United Kingdom (466 points)
  3. Spain (459 points)
  4. Sweden (438 points)
  5. Serbia (312 points)
  6. Italy (268 points)
  7. Moldova (253 points)
  8. Greece (215 points)
  9. Portugal (207 points)
  10. Norway (182 points)
  11. Pays-Bas (171 points)
  12. Poland (151 points)
  13. Estonia (141 points)
  14. Lithuania (128 points)
  15. Australia (125 points)
  16. Azerbaijan (106 points)
  17. Switzerland (78 points)
  18. Romania (65 points)
  19. Belgium (64 points)
  20. Armenia (61 points)
  21. Finland (38 points)
  22. Czech Republic (38 points)
  23. Iceland (20 points)
  24. France (17 points)
  25. Germany (6 points)
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