Victus by HP 16 – the best gaming opportunity?

The material was created in cooperation with HP

Victus is a new brand of gaming laptops from HP. They are characterized by a lower price, subdued design and strong components. Are they strong enough for Victus to actually be a good choice for players?

Let me start with a personal introduction. Please forgive it, because it is important in the context of testing the new Victus by HP 16. Well, less than a year ago, I decided to buy a laptop. Previously, there were only desktops, because although I use a computer for work, at heart I am a committed player. For over three decades, so with a solid experience. I avoided laptops for obvious reasons – there was no chance of the same performance and gaming performance as in the case of a desktop, and the price was always higher.

A year ago, however, I was buying a laptop. Why? Cryptocurrency miners have made desktop graphics cards expensive and the former price gap between a desktop PC and a laptop has virtually disappeared. In addition, new technological processes have led to the fact that mobile graphics systems could already match the versions from desktops. Laptops have become a sensible alternative. But how does this relate to Victus from HP? And yes, I really regret that it was not on offer at that time. It would fit my requirements perfectly and I would probably buy this machine.

A gaming laptop should be …

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When looking for a gaming laptop, what do we pay attention to first of all? Of course, for the graphics card. Two decades of experience reviewing games have taught me that the best mid-tier games are. They guarantee that you will be able to play all the games at a satisfactory level for the next few years. And they are usually half the price of the top models. That’s why when I was buying a laptop a year ago, I was looking for something with the GeForce RTX 2060. Unfortunately, RTX 3060 hardware, such as the Victus, was difficult then. Or you had to pay a lot of money for it.

What are we looking at in the case of a graphics card? Processor and memory. The first one should have eight cores, the second 16 GB is enough. More is already overkill, an unnecessary exaggeration. The mandatory program complements the SSD drive for the system and a terabyte of space for games. These are the basic assumptions. The rest of the laptop is – for me at least – details. Some prefer a smaller 15-inch laptop, others prefer a 17-inch laptop on their desk. Wi-Fi 6 is standard everywhere, as are modern ports. Appearance, however, is quite a secondary issue. The components are the most important.

Victus enters, all white

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In white or black, or blue if you prefer. HP offers just such three models when it comes to colors. Victus does not look like a typical gaming laptop. It does not have this dynamic design and colored LEDs. Even the keyboard is classically illuminated in white. I personally like it. You have to like the sprinkles. Not everyone wants a laptop that screams out loud that it’s a gaming machine. Even if it really is, like Victus.

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It has a GeForce RTX 3060. Everything will go on. Cyberpunk 2077, arguably the most demanding game on the market at this point, works great. With the max settings of 60fps you won’t be there all the time, but all you have to do is reduce one or two options from ultra to high and we already have 60fps. And you can’t see the difference anyway. Any other game will flicker here in the finest detail. Especially since the processor is really very powerful. The AMD Ryzen 7 5800H with its eight cores and sixteen threads and the base clock of 3.2 GHz is too powerful. Thanks to it, you can use Victus from HP for semi-professional fun with graphics and video processing. And it was successful. The laptop also has 16 GB RAM DDR4, up to a terabyte fast SSD, which is a big plus and an unusual 16.1 inch display, a compromise between the standard 17.3 and 15.4. To this we add all the inputs / outputs necessary today, the above-standard Bang & Olufsen sound system, which sounds really nice and… the price. A price that is surprisingly low.

A year ago, for my gaming laptop I paid half a thousand more than today it costs Victus by HP 16. I have a processor 1/3 slower in it. And the RTX 2060, not the 3060. And the display, although quite good, is not as good as the one from 144 Hz in the Victus. And I had to take an additional HDD, because I did not even dream of 1 TB SSD. I still believe that it was the best choice at the time, the most optimal combination of performance and price. Today, such a choice is undoubtedly Victus – when buying a laptop for work and games, which is to serve me faithfully for the next few years, I would choose this machine.

The material was created in cooperation with HP

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