Video.. a fire devours a public transport bus in Alexandria

02:37 PM

Friday 15 October 2021

Alexandria – Mohamed Amer:

Civil protection forces in Alexandria controlled a fire that broke out in a public transport bus at the new Borg El Arab city stop, without causing any injuries.

The Burj Al Arab Police Department received a report that a fire broke out in a bus belonging to the Alexandria Public Transport Authority, in front of the Al-Atiq Mosque.

The warden and department officers, accompanied by the civil protection and ambulance forces, moved to the communication site. The examination revealed that a fire broke out in one of the public transport buses while it was stopping at the mass transit stop in the first district in the new city of Burj Al Arab.

The fire caused the bus to char and smoke and flames to rise, without causing any injuries. The necessary report of the incident was issued at the Burj Al Arab Police Department, and the Public Prosecution began the investigation.