Video: a man was run over while fleeing the police – News story

Two armed criminals who were chased by the police after stealing a van in the Buenos Aires party of La Matanza ran over a pedestrian who was kept in hospital out of danger despite having suffered a severe blow to the head.

Subsequently, both assailants, one of them a minor, were arrested a few blocks away and a 9-millimeter pistol was seized from them.

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Police spokesmen informed Telam that everything started around 11:30 on the corner of Juan Lavalleja and Intendente Federico Pedro Russo streets, in the town of González Catán, when a man alerted members of the Matanza Station Motorized Division who were traveling the area that two armed robbers a red Renault Kangoo truck had been stolen moments ago.

Immediately, policemen on board eleven motorcycles spotted the vehicle and began chasing criminals, who were escaping at high speed, through different streets.

In these circumstances, and on Russo Street, a man who was walking on the asphalt was rammed from behind by the truck, which caused him to hit the sidewalk cord hard after the impact and fell unconscious on the asphalt tape.

Police officers continued to chase the assailants, while two officers stayed to assist the victim, who was then immediately transferred by ambulance to Paroissien hospital in the town of Isidro Casanova, police sources reported.

Meanwhile, upon reaching the corner of Lavalleja and Alegría, the thieves abandoned the vehicle and continued to flee on foot until they were finally intercepted by the troops.

One of them was identified by the Police as Franco Parabagna (23) and a 9-millimeter Pietro Beretta pistol was seized with the numbering removed and without ammunition.

For his part, the accomplice was a minor under the age of 15, police sources reported. Also, later the owner of the truck recognized the assailants as those who stole the vehicle.

“It was a very desperate moment. I lived a nightmare. Now we are very afraid, because the teenager has already been released and lives near home,” said the victim of the assault in dialogue with the media.

In turn, the run over man could not be identified, and despite having been transferred unconscious as a result of the blow to the skull, he also had a dislocated left shoulder and on Wednesday night he remained hospitalized but out of danger.

Rolando Vera’s report.


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