Video.. A rare sight of sharks near the shores of Yanbu • Al Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: A circulating video showed a rare sighting of sharks near the shores of Yanbu.

And young men on a fishing boat at sea documented the well-known movements of sharks in the water, as the young men were chanting: “Oh, cover.”

They also expressed their amazement at the scene, while the publisher of the video stated that these sharks are of the type of wolf and are the most dangerous species.

He explained that one of the fish was holding a thread that a person had lowered into the sea and kept playing with it in the water.

It is worth noting that the shark is called (the king of the sea) and not all of its types are predatory and dangerous to humans, and the chance of seeing it in any location was very small because it is a shy animal and prefers to stay away from humans.