Video.. A Yemeni driver’s adventure in a torrent stream kills a woman and 3 children

A woman and three children died, and a man sustained fractures, all from one family, on Sunday evening, after torrential rain swept away a car they were traveling in in Lahj Governorate, southern Yemen.

Activists and media sources reported that the torrents swept a car carrying a family consisting of a man and two girls, his sister and her child, in Sayilat Hadaba, east of the city of Al-Habileen.

The sources confirmed the death of the woman and her child, while her brother sustained fractures and the death of his two daughters, noting that all of them hail from the Labous Yafaa area.

She stated that the attempt to rescue family members was accompanied by citizens and security forces, and searched for the children who were swept away by the torrents to a far distance from the site of the accident, and they were recovered and transferred to Radfan General Hospital.

She said that citizens were there early and quickly pulled the mother and her brother out of the car and took them to the hospital, but the mother died of her injuries, while her brother sustained several fractures.

Hundreds of Yemenis died as a result of rain and torrential rain this summer, while more than 300,000 people were affected, according to UN estimates.

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