VIDEO – After the death of Johnny Hallyday, it is Laeticia who prepared the body


While the deliberations were made on April 13 at the Nanterre tribunal de grande instance, the revelations continue to multiply about the death of Johnny Hallyday. Guest on the set of Touche not to my post this Monday, April 16, Pierre Billon has given some information about the last moments of his friend. Since last February, date of the announcement of Laura Smet and David Hallyday who dispute their father’s will , revelations and testimonials are multiplying about the star who died of cancer last December. While some relatives of the deceased prefer to remain silent, others agree to comment on the progress of the trial between the two elders of the clan and the last wife of the rocker and the last moments of Johnny. This is the case for example of Pierre Billon, a great friend of the rocker, who was present a few hours before his death in his home in Marnes-la-Coquette. Guest on the set of Do not touch My TV this Monday, April 16th, Pierre Billon once again took the defense of Laeticia Hallyday “Very touched” by this case which today breaks his family . The famous composer also said that the last wife of the rocker was both dignified and sincere when it came to the best care of her husband: “We can say what we want, Laeticia was worthy until the last moment and she gave Johnny this dignity”, commented Pierre Billon against Cyril Hanouna. After the death of Johnny Hallyday on the night of December 5 to 6 and before his remains are transferred at the funeral home of Mont-Valérien Laeticia Hallyday allegedly prepared her husband’s body: ” When we arrived for example on Thursday, Johnny was beautiful , added Pierre Billon . He was shaved, he was fine, he was clean. It’s done as he is used to. And she did it. Laeticia was worthy until the end. “


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