Video: Aida Victoria Merlano, in tears, assures that they betrayed her

On the afternoon of this Wednesday, May 11, the influencer Aida Victoria Merlano shared with her followers the news that she was withdrawing her support from a social leader from Chocó, whom she had welcomed into her home some time ago. Through a live video on her official Instagram account, she Merlano told the reasons that led her to make this decision.

“I was seriously thinking about coming and telling this situation publicly, but I have to do it, because I don’t know if tomorrow this will trigger something bigger,” Merlano said at the beginning of the recording that was hosted on his profile.

Dismayed by what she has been told about Cristian, the social leader she took out of Chocó, for alleged threats against her, Aida Victoria stressed several times that she felt offended and hurt by how everything had ended.

“I took a social leader out of Chocó, whose name is Cristian, because they were threatening him, I took him to Medellín and I promised to pay him all the expenses, even his university,” he said.

As he explains, the situation began to become complicated between them when Merlano decided to settle in Barranquilla. At the time of her, the “influencer” allowed Cristian to move with her to the capital of the Atlantic, to continue supporting him and answering for her support.

“We had coexistence problems; silly problems: he left the air on or took things from me without permission,” said Merlano, who saw this as a simple housemate problem. However, given the situation, she chose to offer Cristian an alternative, giving him the possibility of returning to Medellín, while she continued to cover his expenses.

“Since he (Cristian) wanted to live in Medellín, I told him to go to Medellín, I support you with the pension, with the university and I stay here in Barranquilla,” he explained in the video.

“Someone told me: ‘Aida, you can’t give people fish, teach them how to fish.’ So I told him (to Cristian): I’m going to pay for your university, but I’m not going to support you, set up a business, I’ll support you financially and you support yourself monthly, “he said.

However, this Wednesday afternoon, Merlano expressed his annoyance at Cristian’s reaction to his proposal. As he explains in the video, which lasts about 7 minutes, this person would have started to speak ill of her, stating things that could lead to public and media problems for the “influencer”.

“He has begun to speak ill of me and say things that offend me and are extremely sensitive,” Merlano said. In addition, he assured that several people told him that Cristian would have said that the support he received from Merlano was only for uploading his rating.

Faced with these accusations, the Barranquilla woman was emphatic that her intention has always been from the heart and for this reason she not only supported him, but also the foundation of which she is a part and other people in the region, donating 70 million pesos. in markets for households in Chocó.

The straw that overflowed the cup was that, apparently, Cristian would have affirmed that he had sexual relations with Merlano. “Playing with my sexual morality in that way”, claims the influencerwho also said that these are sensitive issues, and even compromising other legal issues.

At the end of his video, Merlano declares his resounding decision: “From this moment on, I am going to take away my financial support and these are the reasons.”

“I remain committed to my cause with Chocó and with the @unjovenconvencidoconvence foundation I have never withdrawn my support from them and they know it. But I cannot remain silent and hope that this person will come out one of these days to defame me with things that are not true, “she wrote in the description that accompanies the video.

Montaner replied to Aida Victoria

Aida Victoria Merlano, who is currently one of the most recognized influencers in Colombia, became a trend last weekend because she asked Ricardo Montaner not to talk about the current situation in the country.

Through a publication on Instagram, the Barranquillera spoke about some old statements made by the Venezuelan singer in 2018. He also respectfully asked him to know a little more about what is happening in the national territory.

After the controversy that was generated on social networks, the artist decided to post a thread on Twitter to reiterate that the recording for which they claim him is old, since it was made before the presidential elections four years ago.


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