VIDEO: Aircar is presented, a flying car that will avoid traffic jams


The vehicle was created by a Slovak engineer and pilot and in October of this year made a test flight.

A flying car was presented this November 6 during the China International Import Exhibition (CIIE) in Shanghai, reports AP. The vehicle, called Aircar and created by Slovak engineer and pilot Stefan Klein, conducted a test flight in October this year.

The builder, also founder and executive director of the Klein Vision company, said the car is intended for people who "they like adventures".

Klein explained that the wings and propeller of the vehicle are foldable, which allows it to be parked in places for standard cars. "You leave it in a normal car park like a normal car, because the length of the fuselage is only 5.2 meters, like that of a normal car. It's a great advantage," he explained.

"This aircraft is very stable and has very good characteristics of maneuverability and engine operation is perfect, "he said.

Among the main advantages of the device, the possibility of avoiding traffic jams stands out: a quality that is very important for residents of megalopolis. "If you can fly, then you won't get stuck in traffic. It will also be faster and more comfortable"said Wang Yongli, an exhibition assistant.

The car that 'reads' your emotions

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Also, within the framework of the same event, the first vehicle that can 'read' the driver's emotions was presented thanks to special cameras and electrocardiography sensors. Developed by the South Korean car manufacturer Kia – belonging to the Hyundai Motor Group – together with the laboratory of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA), it is capable of adjust the conditions in the car in accordance with the psychological state of its occupant.

"The temperature, lighting, sound and even the vibration of the seat can be adjusted, so you can adjust the space to best suit you," said Wu Yanbing, marketing strategist at the Hyundai group.

According to him, this new technology will "significantly increase" the level of quality of life.

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