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Reproduction: Social Networks

Airplane engine catches fire when colliding with bird

One of the engines of the American company Spirit aircraft caught fire after being hit by a bird before taking off. Passengers aboard Flight 3044 underwent an emergency evacuation last Saturday (2).

A female passenger recorded the moment when the hit engine caught fire. In the background, you can see the despair and hear a child crying.

The plane would depart Atlantic City International Airport, in Atlanta, bound for Fort Lauderdale, also in the United States, around 18:00. According to the New York Post, the 102 travelers and seven crew were quickly removed.

According to the spokesman for the airline, there was no record of injuries. “The pilot safely braked and stopped the plane after receiving the engine damage report. He ordered the evacuation according to our standard procedures,” a Spirit spokesman told the New York Post.

The moments of despair were registered by passengers and shared on social networks. The images show people sliding down the inflatable ramp out of the aircraft.

Passengers descending through the aircraft's emergency exit
Reproduction: Social Networks

Passengers descending through the aircraft’s emergency exit