Alsou, a Russian actress, TV presenter and singer – one of the most tender on the national stage, has become a guest of Ivan Urgant’s program My Sweet and Tender Rock, in which invited stars have to offer their own reading to certain undefiled. Specifically, 35-year-old Honored Artist of Russia The federation got such well-known schlagers as "Black Dog Petersburg", "DDT", "Everything is going according to plan", "Civil Defense" and "My grandmother is smoking a pipe" Garik Sukachev. After that, the moderator said that he had not wanted The elk poked the black anarchist flag, but the cover of the “GrOb” Alsou to such actions definitely encourages. Alsou was born in 1983 in Bugulma, Tatarstan. The debut album released in 1999, the debut video "Winter Dream" – "remake" "Lolita" with Sergei Makovetsky as Humbert – was released the same year. With Baskov on the channel "Russia" show "Saturday Evening." She starred in the British horror "Ghost Trap" and in the series "The Secrets of Palace Revolutions", where Madeleine, the maid of honor of the Empress, played. .


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