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VIDEO. Angèle unveils her "anti sexism academy" in the clip of "Balance Ton Quoi"

Angela in the clip of "Balance Ton Quoi". – Charlotte Abramow

Angèle could once again make an impression. After the sublime clip of Jealousy, the singer has just unveiled the one of another success of her album Brol, the title Balance Ton What. Co-written by
 Angela, the director Charlotte Abramow and the friend of the singer Ophélie Secq, the mini-film shows the artist's commitment to feminism, revealing her "anti sexism academy". A small bonus, the actor Pierre Niney also appears in this clip, in a sketch on the question of consent.

The benefits of a mini-capsule donated to associations

Echoing the #MeToo and #BalanceTonPorc movements, the title of Balance Ton What, and now his clip, commit to equality between men and women, and against sexism. "Many themes are evoked here with the desire to illustrate an intersectional and inclusive feminism: gender issues, sexual harassment at work or in transport, consent, value judgments, hair problems, gynecological violence, devaluation of women's abilities. to succeed by themselves, fetishization of black women, slut-shaming, respect for everyone's choice, mental load, history of women's rights, censorship of female nipples, etc. ", Develops director Charlotte Abramow in a note of intent.

With humor and lightness, Angela denounces ordinary sexism, and emphasizes the importance of education, hence the "anti sexism academy" of her clip. "Education for all generations seems to be the best weapon against sexism and other oppressions. This involves, among other things, the deconstruction of the social patterns that have been instilled in us and the awareness of our own privileges. Understanding the mechanisms of sexist behavior is a first step towards choosing a change, "says the director.

Finally, for the occasion, the singer created a mini-capsule collection with the feminist clothing brand Meuf Paris. The uniforms of the clip will be available for sale, and the profits will be entirely donated to two assos who act in favor of women victims of violence: Center 320 rue Haute and The House of Women x Saint-Denis.


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