VIDEO.- Batakis was seen at the Apple store in New York and controversy broke out

The image showing it in an Apple store in New York went viral and controversy broke out on the networks. It is that the protagonist is the same one who a couple of months ago said that “when one makes purchases abroad and those dollars are the ones that should have gone to the productive sector, we are damaging the future of all Argentines.”

The president of Banco Nación was captured by an Argentine sitting in a corner of the store with another person. “She did not buy anything at all,” was the response from her surroundings to the query.

Batakis took over as Economy Minister in July due to the unexpected departure of Martín Guzmán. It was within this framework that she said that “the right to travel collides or conflicts with the right to generate jobs.”

Before she was a month old, and while on a trip to the United States, where she had traveled to meet with the head of the IMF, Kristalina Georgieva, Batakis was displaced by Alberto Fernández so that Sergio Massa could take over.

Despite this shift, Batakis was appointed president of Banco Nación and to mitigate the effects of this displacement, Massa included her in the recent tour she made of Washington and Houston.

Some opposition political leaders and economists participated in the controversy over their presence in the Apple store, such as the former mayor of Morón, Ramiro Tagliaferro, who wrote on Twitter: “Batakis, July 2022: ‘The right to travel collides with the job generation’. Batakis, Oct 2022: Apple Store, New York.”

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Economist Diana Mondino, who was recently placed near the space headed by Javier Milei, indicated: “The only ones who have access to the dollar are the vaccinated VIPs.”