VIDEO Big drama in Zvolen: The second quarter-final battle with Nový Zámky was decided by overtime

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Pictured is head coach of HC MIKRON Nové Zámky Gergely Majoross Source: TASR/Ján Krošlák

ZVOLEN – The hockey players of Zvolen won the second quarter-final match of the Tipos extraliga playoff over Nový Zámky 4:3 after extra time and lead the series 2:0. The third duel is scheduled for Sunday, March 19 in Nové Zámky.

The visitors took the lead in the match when Jackson scored in the 16th minute. Zvolen was able to equalize after 52 seconds of the middle part thanks to Hecl. Less than two minutes later, the team from Novosibirsk bounced back again after Lee’s accurate strike.

In the 46th minute, Jedliček took advantage of the hesitation of the visiting defense, who tied the score at 2:2 with his 18th goal of the season. In the 58th minute, the “Bulls” used a power play and after Juraj Mikúš’s goal, it seemed that it was decided. However, Zvolen called off the goalkeeper in the end and Šiška also sent the second match to overtime. As in the first meeting, Zvolenčany managed it better, and Hunterbrinker secured the home team’s second point in the 64th minute.

HKM Zvolen – HC MIKRON Nové Zámky 4:3 after extra time (0:1, 1:1, 2:1 – 1:0)
Goals: 21. Hecl (Zuzin, Hanna), 46. Jedlička, 60. Šiška (Bondra, Zuzin), 64. Hunterbrinker – 16. Jackson (Johnson), 23. Lee (Loggins), 58. J. Mikúš (T. Mickey Mouse). Judges: J. Konc Jr., Orolin – Stanzel, Šoltés, expulsions: 4:4 for 2 minutes, power plays: 2:2, weakness: 0:0
/series status: 2:0/

Elected: Paterson – Rauhauser, Messner, Hanna, Mudrák, Hain, Kubka, S. Barcík – R. Bondra, V. Fekiač, Jedlička – Hecl, Huntebrinker, Sideroff – Zuzin, Viedenský, Stupka – Csányi, Šiška, Marcinek – A. Barcík

New Castles: Kantor – Lee, Chovan, Roman, Hatala, Mamčics, Ligas, Laurenčík – Loggins, Johnson, Klempa – Farley, Jackson, T. Mikúš – Lapšanský, Ondrušek, Múčka – Faith, J. Mikúš, Bezúch

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