Brigitte Macron, in "guest-star". – Onni Okala / AP / SIPA
            Her appearance was announced, but all the same, small event Saturday night with the first role of Brigitte de Macron in a series. A role she knows well, since she played her own role, that of
First lady. This guest star is not a whim for the former theater teacher, rather a commitment. Indeed, the series in question is none other than Vestiaires, the short format of France 2 on disability.

In this episode, Brigitte Macron goes into the locker room to discuss disability and inclusion with our swimmers. Orson's character tells him that he loves what she does. "Me too," answers the First Lady. And he also loves her husband. " Me too. The self-mockery goes so far as to make him recite Phèdre, before she drops a "Thank you for this moment", a wink to the famous book of another First Lady, Valérie Trierweiler.

The team of @_Cloakrooms_ welcomes his first fan, #BrigitteMacronSaturday at 20.40. #Cloakrooms– France 2 (@ France2tv) September 13, 2018


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