VIDEO. Britney Spears is not interned by force and she says it


Singer Britney Spears at the Las Vegas Park Theater – WENN

It is a Britney Spears drawn but resolute, who spoke to his fans a few hours ago on Instagram. The interpreter of Toxic held to stop rumors about his situation while fans, Monday, protested in front of the town hall of
West Hollywood asking for his "release". They are convinced that she is interned against her will and want the end of her life.
his placing under guardianship. Britney Spears has just denied everything, especially because her "family is receiving death threats."

" Hi ! I am speaking to all those who are worried for me, everything is fine. My family is going through a very stressful time right now, so I just need some time for myself. But do not worry, I'll be back very soon, "she says in the video.

Out of control

In the text accompanying her statement, Britney Spears also states that "the fake e-mails circulating were written by Sam Lutfi years ago." "I did not write them. He pretended to be me and communicated with my team via a fake e-mail address, "she explained, saying that the situation had become" out of control ".

Sam Lutfi is a former paparazzi who won the trust of Britney Spears when she suffered a burnout in high profile in 2007. After being sidelined by the family of the singer, he has experienced other setbacks particularly with
Courtney Love of which he was a time manager. Kurt Cobain's widow ended, just like Britney Spears, by getting
an injunction of removal against him.


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