Video captures an asteroid in Canada hours after being discovered

The fireball that rose over the province of Ontario, Canada, early Saturday morning was the sixth object detected in space before hitting Earth by the European Space Agency, ESA.

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In the early hours of Saturday morning, astronomers took to social media to say a meteor was on the way and observers should keep their telescopes and cameras skyward.

The Minor Planet Center, which tracks objects in the solar system, said the meteor entered Earth’s atmosphere around 3:27 a.m. EDT, over Brantford, Ontario.

The fast-moving object, tentatively designated #C8FF042, was detected in images taken at the Mount Lemon Survey near Tucson, Arizona, according to the Minor Planet Center.

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Miike Hanke, operations manager at the American Meteorite Society, was in Maine, setting up cameras to watch the sky, when he received a call about the meteor around 4:00 am from someone in Germany. He added that messages about the meteor began circulating about three hours ago.

“When these things happen, the astronomical community wants to know where the collision happened, and if the meteorites survive, they want to get them back as soon as possible,” Hanke said.