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Video captures homophobic mob cruel to transgender woman in broad daylight | National news

A man from Dallas was arrested in connection with the brutal beating of a transgender woman outside an apartment complex.

On 12 March, the victim identified by the WFAA as Muhlaysia Booker told the police that she had been attacked after a minor traffic accident.

In a video recorded by a passerby, Booker is surrounded by a crowd of people watching while a man beats and kicks them. Booker also told the police that the crowd called for homophobic interrogations during the attack.

Finally, the others joined in the attack, which ended when Booker was kicked and pulled across the parking lot of the apartment complex. The video ends with three other women helping Booker get up.

Booker was then taken to a hospital in Dallas where the police interviewed her about the robbery. Although the attack took place during the day, the police did not meet Booker until 11:23 pm, the police said.

On Friday, the video of the attack became viral. Since then, police have arrested 29-year-old Edward Thomas for grievous bodily harm.

The Dallas police said they would still check all available evidence to determine if [the charge] is classified as a hate crime. "

The police also said that more arrests could take place.

On Saturday, Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings made a statement on Twitter to condemn the attack.

"Chief Hall drew my attention this morning to the attack at the Royal Crest Apartments, and I saw a video of what happened, I'm extremely angry at the mob's violence against this woman." Rawlings wrote. "I'm in contact with the boss, and she has assured me that the Dallas police have launched a full investigation, including the possibility that it is a hate crime for this type of behavior."

Leslie McMurray, coordinator of transgender training and advocacy at the Resource Center in Dallas, described the attack as ill.

"It's terrifying," said McMurray, who is also a transgender, to the WFAA. "You could only feel the energy and malice of this crowd escalating as violence followed and there was no voice left to stop.

"There is no reason that our lives are worth less than someone else or that we should be someone's bag just because we are transgender."

Many people who saw the viral video on social media demanded that Thomas be charged with hate crimes.

The Dallas Police Station Attacking Authority calls anyone with information about the attack to call 214-671-3584.



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