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VIDEO. Christmas Mamère reads "For a campaign of quiet panic" by Allen Ginsberg


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Open the 1 ", Franceinfo magazine (channel 27) presented Wednesday at 22:30 by the journalist of France Televisions Emilie Tran Nguyen and Eric Fottorino, editor of the weekly 1, asks a personality each week to read a poem related to his current topic. This week > "What green are you?"

For the sequence Loudly of the magazine, Noël Mamère, former mayor EELV de Bègles and former deputy of the Gironde, reads For a quiet panic campaign Allen Ginsberg, excerpt from poems (Christian Bourgois edition)

"A Party of Quiet Panic / Which restores the balance of nature"

End of the Millennium
Destruction of the Earth
Fire Air Polluted Water
And the Beast is us
Dark thoughts in the night
Nothing to do to stop it
Governments deny, Serious Newspapers too
It's like watching your gums rot without brushing your teeth
Do you have a heart that flakes? Less rest more stress
Put salt on your greasy pork
You are diabetic, you have the soles of the feet insensitive?
Put sugar in your coffee
Do you have poor circulation? Smoke even more
Kick your son under the table take a beer
We need a President who denounces the denial
A Party of Quiet Panic
Which restores the balance of nature

Extract from the magazine "Open the 1" (replay) released Wednesday, June 19, 2019 on Franceinfo (channel 27).

> "Open the 1", a television magazine, every Wednesday at 22:30 on Franceinfo (channel 27).

> "1", a newspaper to understand the world, every Wednesday on newsstands.


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