VIDEO - Comment on the Holocaust: Christine Angot attacks Ocean in "We're not lying"

VIDEO - Comment on the Holocaust: Christine Angot attacks Ocean in "We're not lying"

MALAISE – Invited Saturday, November 3 in "We are not lying" to defend the play "Justice", the comedian Ocean was caught by a controversial forum, published in 2016 in "Liberation", he had co-signed. He was saying something about the Holocaust that shocked the writer Christine Angot, who did not fail to let her know … 2018-11-04T15: 28: 25.900Z – Jérôme VermelinThe exchange had hitherto been courteous. And almost relaxed. Saturday, November 3, Laurent Ruquier and the chroniclers of "We are not lying" received the comedian Ocean, came to defend the play "Justice", he plays at the Theater of the work in Paris, with his director scene, Salome Lelouch. A re-enactment full of truth of the French judicial system which rather seduced the chroniclers, Charles Consigny and Christine Angot. Still, when changing the subject, the latter has chosen to challenge the guest on a subject quite different.

Formerly known as Océane-Rose-Marie, Ocean announced a few months ago to be a trans man. "There would be plenty of questions to ask about the transition," said Christine Angot. "But I admit that there is a more important question for me". The writer then recalled that in 2016, the comedian had published a tribune in Liberation in defense of Houria Bouteldja, the controversial spokesman of the Party of the Indigenous of the Republic, on the occasion of the publication of his book, " The Whites, the Jews and We. "You said," It questions the extermination of the Jews of Europe and its instrumentalisation by the Zionist project from the colonized world. "You can explain to me what that means? she asks the guest. "Are we really going to talk about Israel there?" Ocean wonders. "This sentence is indefensible, it is disgusting.You can excuse yourself," suggests Franz-Olivier Giesbert, opening a sequence for the least tense on the set of the show.This exchange is to discover from 2h39 in the video next … "I think this sentence is clumsy, I'm quite ready to recognize it," admits Océan. "I was interested in the fact that she moved the point of view, and that she spoke from the point of view of descendants of natives, and that her speech seemed to me interesting to listen to. with phenomenal violence. "

What does not tolerate Christine Angot, who says that "violence, it is on the side of your sentence, really." Ocean will remain silent, listening to the writer recall that "there are people who were exterminated because they were Jewish." The comedian will finally react, annoyed: "At what moment do I deny that? I speak about the fact that the State of Israel is doing violence to the Palestinians." Offered by Franz-Olivier Giesbert, Ocean gets a little more excited. "Why is it nonsense to say that there are people who have recovered, who have seized this tragedy, to produce violence?" In front of the indignation of his interlocutors, the comedian agrees to make his mea culpa. "I think I'm very far from saying what you want me to wear, so I'm sorry." Jérôme VermelinUpdated

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