VIDEO – Compulsory vaccination: what do we know about this nurse with a rant that went viral?

DISPUTE – A 35-year-old nurse, Laura denounced this Tuesday on TikTok the compulsory vaccination for nursing staff, announced by Emmanuel Macron on Monday. Who is behind this video that has gone viral?

“You will heal yourself on your own!” It is particularly moved that Laura takes the floor this Tuesday, July 13 to launch this warning. In her garden, this young nurse who has just celebrated her 35th birthday does not believe it. Emmanuel Macron announced the night before that vaccination against Covid-19 will be compulsory for his profession. However, she refuses to be immunized, believing that she does not have enough “recoil”.

His rant, shared on TikTok, went viral, surpassing 4 million views in less than two days. However, it was the first time that the young woman spoke on the subject.

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“Mom, nurse, feminist”

On TikTok, she describes herself as “mother, nurse, feminist and in the fight against domestic violence”. In reality, these are the themes that drive the caregiver, who has graduated for more than five years. And it is to talk about this fight that she registered, on May 27, on the Chinese video-sharing social network. She tells her story there, how she survived eleven years of domestic violence, from the beginnings to flight, including the implementation of various devices, such as the anti-reconciliation bracelet or the “grave danger telephone”.

Her videos combine humor, good advice, emotions and rants against a legal system that she considers to be flawed.

On social media, this pop culture fan rarely talks politics. On his old Facebook account, inactive since early 2020, there are some video shares of yellow vests in 2018, at the very beginning of the movement. Or a criticism against the policing strategy defined by Christophe Castaner, then Minister of the Interior. On TikTok, she also vilifies the debate on the “crop top” at school, (re) put in the news by Emmanuel Macron in an interview, regretting that we “criticizes women all the time” and that we “sexualise” the bodies of young girls.

But domestic violence is still her “battle horse”, as she herself points out. It is moreover to speak about it that it had already appeared in the media in the past. Mother of two children, she had testified on several news channels, LCI in particular. The subject gives his videos a little notoriety. Some collect a few thousand views. But the account does not leave confidentiality.

My hobbyhorse, me, it’s not vaccination, – Laura on TikTok July 14

It wasn’t until July 13 that it really exploded. The young woman, who became a nurse at the age of 30 after resuming her studies in 2012, denounces the vaccination obligation that she sees as yet another “sacrifice” claimed to his profession. Formerly based in Saint-Pierre-d’Oléron (Charente-Maritime), which she left to flee her ex-husband, she had since worked in a structure for severely disabled children. Arrested for several months, she explains in her video that has gone viral that she will not resolve to be vaccinated to return to work.

Anti-vaccine? “Not at all”

She did not say to herself, however “not at all, at all” anti-vaccine. And don’t want to make that posture a fight. “I have my opinion and it only commits me”, she hammers in a video shot the next day. Without being opposed to the restrictions, she notes that “yes, there have been deaths, yes there are still deaths, and no it is not conceivable”, but regret that we “always ask the same people to sacrifice themselves”. A sequence in which the mother says that her children are vaccinated with all the products “for which we have hindsight”.

The long-term effects, that’s precisely what worries him, even if many experts have explained that there is no cause for alarm. Arguments she does not hear. Because if she “believes in medicine”, the young nurse also thinks “that doctors are humans”. “They can make mistakes, forget things.” So she prefers to wait, especially since, according to her, the argument of the caregivers “vectors of the disease” does not hold. “We know the hygiene standards!”

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Neither anti-vaccine nor conspirator therefore, but very skeptical, despite a certain scientific consensus. If she says she does not regret his rant pushed Wednesday, Laura however assures in a video that the subject will not become an obsession. But nevertheless warns that she is not the only one to make this choice. If they don’t all have “the same reasons”, she notes that a good number of her colleagues will do the same. In his eyes, it is acquired: the measure decided by Emmanuel Macron “will not mean that there will be less contamination, but that there will be fewer caregivers”.

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