VIDEO. “Daphne Project”: revelations about the murder of Maltese journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia


The death of Daphne Caruana Galizia in the explosion of his car caused a shock wave across Europe. The journalist was investigating corruption in Malta. A few weeks after his assassination, “The Daphne project” (Project Daphne) was launched by Forbidden Stories to continue its work. These are 18 international media together, including the Cell investigation Radio France, The world and France 2, who investigated the traces of the Maltese journalist. Who was Daphne Caruana Galizia? Daphne Caruana Galizia is 53 years old when she is murdered on October 16, 2017, in a car bomb attack . In Malta, “There are not many people who have the courage to speak openly.” Daphne had it, she did not care. explains the founder of the Maltese ecologist party, Arnold Cassola. In his blog Running commentary , created in 2008, the insular journalist sets the tone of the political debate in the country. After working for several local newspapers, she has the freedom to publish what she wants. It reveals many corruption scandals in the local political class, including the government and relatives of the current Maltese Prime Minister, Joseph Muscat. Daphne has always broken the boundaries in journalism (…) She was ruthless. Caroline Muscat founder of the site The shift news A quality that is even more embarrassing than in Malta, “It is very difficult for independent media to offer a balanced and unbiased perspective on what is happening in the country” , decrypts Caroline Muscat. Daphne Caruana Galizia frees herself from these obstacles. In her latest blog post, she concludes with a sentence that is fraught with meaning: “There are crooks everywhere you look in. The situation is desperate.” Exactly 23 minutes later, she is murdered. Her vehicle exploded as she left her home. In the house, his son, Matthew, come to spend a few days with the family hear the explosion. “I immediately knew it was a car bomb” he recalls. He goes out and sees “the kind of smoke you only see when a car is on fire” , he reports. “As soon as I saw her, I ran to the car, I could not see the license plate, I could not see the color, I could not tell what kind of car it was. It was just a fireball, I got closer again, in the front I could see one of the hubcaps and I saw the Peugeot logo. Am saying ‘Shit’ . Every detail is still present in the memory of Matthew, who has not forgotten anything of the day that is added in a Maltese context marked by numerous car bombings, but never a journalist was targeted. Where is the survey? “I do not have much hope in the police investigation and my family either.” Matthew, who is also a journalist with the ICIJ, the Consortium of Investigation Paradise Papers , does not hide his sense of distrust of Maltese justice. Especially since his work took place in particular conditions. In a country as big as three times the surface of Paris, everyone knows each other. The first judge in charge of the investigation was a woman whose enmity with the Maltese journalist was notorious. In a post on his blog, Daphne Caruana Galizia criticized his action. The magistrate pursued her for that. Faced with this situation, the family started a procedure to reject it. She ended up resigning herself. In Malta, the majority of magistrates are appointed by the government. The same goes for the chief of police, who is also the public prosecutor since he decides – or not – to open the investigations. The family of Daphne Caruana Galizia refused to put the journalist’s computer to justice for fear that it will be exploited to go back to its sources. Moreover, the local police “lack of resources to investigate this assassination” , says Matthew. “Entering a police station in Malta is like entering a police station in Nicaragua” even compares the journalist’s son. For the investigation into the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia, the police forces were assisted by Dutch and Finnish police, Europol and the FBI. Three suspects arrested On December 4, 2017, police arrested three suspects. They are two brothers, George and Alfred Degiorgio, and Vincent Muscat. All three are known to the police, even though they have never been sentenced. George Degiorgio had a conflict with a man who died in the explosion of his car in 2016. The murderer was never found. Vincent Muscat received three bullets in the throat during an altercation in 2014. He managed to escape, but the man he named as the gunman died by bullets a few months later. His killer has never been found. The three men deny having organized the attack that killed Daphne Caruana Galizia, but investigators have overwhelming evidence. The geolocation of their mobile phones, recordings – George Degiorgio was being tapped in another case – designate them. Investigators have established that the bomb that was placed under the driver’s seat the night before, was triggered by a mobile phone lying at sea, off Malta. A few hours before the explosion, George Degiorgio was filmed by the cameras of a sea port at the controls of his boat. The police also found his brother’s DNA on an abandoned butt at the spot where he reportedly watched the departure of Daphne Caruana Galizia’s car. Half an hour after the explosion, George Degiorgio sent an SMS to his companion: “Buy me wine my love.” She replied: “OK.” Many elements seem to indicate the three men. But another is sorely lacking: the mobile. “There are two theories in my opinion: Daphne was killed because of something she wrote or because of something she was about to write, something inside said to me, and I discussed it with colleagues, that she was killed because of something she was going to write, but not because of something she wrote. ” , says Jason Azzopardi, the family’s lawyer. What did the Daphne Project journalists discover? Disturbingly, the information we gathered shows that investigators believe that the suspects were aware of the impending arrest. One of the three suspects had conveniently disposed of his cell phone on the day of his arrest and had written his girlfriend’s phone number on his hand. Elements that accredit the thesis of leaks within the Maltese police. In recent weeks, there was a rumor on the island. Economy Minister Chris Cardona, the same man Daphne Caruana Galizia said was in a brothel in Germany, was seen accompanied by one of the alleged assassins in a bar of a village in the center of the island. So we asked him the question. Chris Cardona’s answer is clear: if he admits to frequenting this bar, he does not “do not remember having a discussion with any of these three individuals” and claims in any case never to have “had an appointment with one of them” . He just admits that, being a criminal lawyer, he had already heard of them. However, two testimonies collected by the journalists of Project Daphne seem to contradict this version. The first is a client of Ferdinand’s bar in Siggiewi, met by two journalists from Radio France and France Télévisions for “Special Envoy”. Here is the verbatim of this exchange (translated from English): Reporter 1: Is there a politician who went to a men’s club? – Witness: Cardona. He drinks with us here. Reporter 2: He’s coming here? He’s from the corner? – Yes. He comes every Saturday and every Sunday. Chris Cardona. And there is the journalist who died in Malta, Caruana Galizia. There are three people who have been arrested. Reporter 1: And these men, they came here too? – Yes Yes. In the same bar? – In the same bar. And do they know the politician, Chris Cardona? – Yes. Reporter 2: You saw them together? – Yes Yes. Reporter 1 : Several times ? – Set to drink glasses or other. They were together before or after the murder? – Before Yes. Another witness, who was introduced to Project Daphne journalists by a government opposition party official, agrees. It is even more precise. He claims to have seen Chris Cardona discuss “looking worried” , with Alfred Degiorgio in November, a little less than a month after the assassination, still at Ferdinand’s bar. According to him, the two men had obviously rendezvous, they stayed nearly an hour and a half together, even going out to go around the village square at one time. According to him, there were about twenty customers in the bar. According to our information, the rumor of this or these meetings has reached the Maltese police. The magistrate was even informed by the lawyers of the family of Daphne Caruana Galizia. To our knowledge, no policy has yet been heard in this case. Chris Cardona explained to us that he had been summoned by the first magistrate, finally challenged, but that he had no news of the judge currently in charge of the investigation. As far as they are troubling, the testimonies that contradict the version of the Minister of the Economy do not designate him as a potential sponsor. A source close to the survey explains not believing in the political track. The preferred thesis would be that of a crime commissioned by a criminal organization on which Daphne Caruana Galizia was investigating. “Project Daphne”: 18 international media, 45 journalists, meet in the Forbidden Stories organization continued investigations by Daphne Caruana Galizia. Among them, three French media: the Cell investigation of Radio France, The world and France Télévisions through the production company Premières Lignes. The revelations are to be found on, the antennas of Radio France, in the media partners and in “Special Envoy”, Thursday, April 19, on France 2 . Read also Related topics


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