Video. Diam’s unveils the first images of its documentary “Salam”

It opens with the rapper’s runaway success in the early 2000s, with footage from her gigs and the sound of the crowd. “Yet in 2010, when she was at the height of glory, Diam’s made a life choice that shocked France. She then bows out and disappears, ”we can read in narration. We then hear the voice-over of the rapper known for her titles “La Boulette”, “Nocturnal Confessions” or “In my bubble”, who appears dressed in a jilbab in front of an empty concert hall.

“How many of us were pretending? »

“The more the days passed, the more I sank. Like the feeling of getting bogged down and falling into the void […] The music was loud, so loud, it drowned out the cry of my soul screaming ‘help’ […] For me everything was empty. Empty like this life I was leading, empty of meaning, surrounded by greedy people, money, girls, stupid debates,” Diam’s raps slowly. She testifies to her ill-being despite the glory. “I thought about death more and more but said nothing. I kept pretending. Besides, sometimes I wonder. How many of us were pretending? »