VIDEO. Disqualifications, new setback for the pension reform

When it was believed that the obstacles of non-attendance and impediments had been overcome, to start the debate on the pension reform, at the last moment another hare jumped.

A shower of challenges, first against senators Ana Paola Agudelo of the Mira Party, Lorena Ríos of Colombia Justa Libres, Berenice Bedoya of the ASI, and Martha Peralta of the Mais-Pacto Histórico, appeared at the Commission’s secretariat, all when it had just finished read the presentation report to process the first regulatory debate.

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Later they appeared after challenges with arguments such as being married and having children, being of legal age and even having relatives who would eventually benefit from the transition regime.

The reading of the rulings of the Constitutional Court and pronouncements of the Fifth Law or Congressional Regulations was of no use, time went by in fears and justifications for the session to be adjourned, which was avoided with a 15-minute recess, but the quorum became precarious and has not even been voted on in the presentation report.

The Minister of the Interior, Luis Fernando Velasco, in an attempt to avoid the recess and to adjourn the session, asked the congressmen not to fall into the “filibusterismo” trap with which some try to prevent the pension reform, however, the 15-minute recess exceeded the hour and the quorum dissipated.

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