Video: Eddie Osh tests the richly equipped ‘Porsche Cayenne Platinum Edition’

In 1989, Ferdinand Porsche said the following words: “If we, adhering to our company’s quality standards, were to create a four-seater off-road vehicle with a Porsche badge on the hood, people would definitely want to buy it.” And even then, even without knowing what would happen in the future, he was right.

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Since 2002, “Porsche Cayenne” has been one of the most demanded models of the brand, including in Latvia. And the production volumes of this sporty off-roader have already exceeded the million unit mark for quite some time.

This time, the program “Tavs Auto TV” of the studio “RJ76 Films” went on the road with a special “Cayenne” modification “Platinum Edition”, and invited a passionate car enthusiast and businessman Eddie Oš to drive it. We have seen him in various rallycross competitions, this year he managed to win the championship title in the combined Latvian and Lithuanian championship, as well as the title of the Baltic champion. Edija Oš’s life is connected with forest and woodworking: he is the owner of SIA “Palleteries” – this pallet board production plant was recognized as one of the best export-capable companies in Latvia.

This year “Cayenne” celebrates its 20th anniversary. Work on this project, which at that time was called “Project Colorado” within the company, started back in 1998. In order to create this car with lower costs, “Porsche” cooperated with “Volkswagen” – as a result, “Cayenne” shares a common platform with “VW Touareg”, however, the rest of the car units were created by “Porsche” itself.

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“Cayenne” was the first Porsche car with PASM (Porsche Active Suspension Management) suspension. Thanks to this system, it was possible to increase the car clearance up to 27.3 centimeters. Depending on the version, its top speed was 242 or 266 km/h.

But what makes the new “Porsche Cayenne Platinum Edition” special and different from its brothers? With thoughtful design and abundant additional equipment. Chrome moldings at the front, matte air intake moldings, “Porsche” lettering integrated into the rear LED light strip, model designation on the door sills, as well as standard 21-inch “RS Spyder Design” wheels, available only on the “Platinum Edition” car.

In technical terms, “Platinum Edition” is offered, if it can be said, for the simplest “Cayenne” modifications – “Cayenne”, “Cayenne E-Hybrid” and “Cayenne S”. In the base version, it has a 340 hp three-liter V6 turbo engine and can reach 100 km/h in 6.2 seconds.

Of course, it is clear to everyone that “Porsche” is not a cheap car. The “Platinum Edition” is offered to buyers starting from 93,000 euros, while if you compare these figures with those shown on the price pages of the “BMW X5” or “Mercedes-Benz GLE”, there is no significant difference at all.

“Porsche Cayenne” is a great highway car, you can feel behind its wheel, just like driving the legendary “911”, but at the same time it is not afraid to get the tires dirty.