Video: embarrassing finale in the Regional Amateur

What was supposed to be a party ended in scandal. What was supposed to be a simple soccer game ended up being a pitched battle. The final for one of the promotions to Federal A between Germinal de Rawson and Independiente de San Cayetano culminated in an embarrassment: there was a fight between the players, blows to the match referees and also crosses with the police officers. One more stain on Argentine soccer.


Regional Amateur Tournament 6-2-2023

Incidents in a Regional Amateur match

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It all started 25 minutes into the second half, after Ignacio Terán made it 3-1 for the Chubut team. At that moment, The footballer went to celebrate near the Independiente players, who reacted and a riot began between the two teams. Outcome? The author of the goal was expelled by the judge. However, the situation did not stop there. Not at all.

Far from calming down, the spirits heated up even more. Because the Independiente footballers aimed directly at Lucas Gómez, the main referee. Calientes for his performance in the duel (he gave Germinal a penalty in the first half and they considered that they were harmed) they began to recriminate him and there were even struggles and blows of all kinds.

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Overwhelmed by the panorama, more and more embarrassing, one of the lines ended up hitting one of the players from the San Cayetano team: In the images, he can be seen hitting the flag and even stepping on it when the player was on the floor. This made the troops have to act, although without much success: the shortlist managed to escape in the middle of attacks towards the locker room, where minutes later they would end announcing the suspension of the match and the promotion of Germinal to Federal A.

The referee was treacherous how he tilted the field. It was somewhat complicated with the people, with the players and he got inside. He exposed the cops by beating up their players. There are images in which the referee hits one of our players when he falls to the ground. It’s going to be difficult to move up like this, but we’re going to fight. It’s all in evidence on the cameras. It is an injustice to end the game like this. It’s beyond the players, it’s not the fault of the Germinal players either,” said Jonathan Suhit, defender and one of Independiente’s references.

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The Aprevide intervened

As soon as the incidents occurred, Eduardo Aparicio, head of Aprevide (Agency for the Prevention of Violence in Sports) contacted the local security authorities and arranged for both teams to go to two different police stations, where they were detained and gave a statement.

“They are going to face a harsh sanction. The sports law will be applied to them,” said Aparicio. “It can’t be that we ask for good behavior in the stands and the protagonists of the show act in this way,” he added.


In addition to the scandalous final in Bahía Blanca, there were three other promotions to Federal A. On the one hand, El Linqueño beat San Martín de Mendoza 4-2 on penalties, after they finished 0-0 in the regulation 90 minutes. On the other hand, Atenas de Río Cuarto beat 9 de Julio de Rafaela 1-0 thanks to a goal by Nicolás Parodi. And finally, Sol de América from Formosa beat Camioneros Argentinos del Norte de Salta 2-1.