Al-Wafd newspaper: The artist Iyad Nassar, through his personal account in the site of the exchange of photos and videos "Instagram", a video of teaser, which was filmed as propaganda for the Iyad episode with the program "My story with time," which is shown on Dubai channel. The video featured his wife Shaima al-Leithi, who does not prefer to appear in media, which Eyad revealed, saying it

She does not prefer to appear in the media, and it took a lot of time to convince her to participate in the program, pointing to the impact of the nature of her work and behind the camera, and she likes to be their own lives away from the media. Shaima said she was excited to participate in the program, after she was impressed by the idea, and her desire to see how the shape of Eyad will become as he grows older. The Iyad and Shaimaa episode is scheduled to be shown on Sunday, November 4th, on Dubai TV, at 8:00 pm EST. This video shows the reason why his wife refused to appear in the media. .



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