Video: Families in the United States celebrate Thanksgiving

Families in the United States celebrate Thanksgiving

In the USA, people look forward to an almost normal Thanksgiving. On Wednesday, New York prepared for the traditional balloon parade that was canceled and sorely missed last year due to the pandemic. Will Closs, of Macy’s fashion house that organizes the parade: “It will be great to see all the people coming back on the streets tomorrow to experience the magic that Macy’s Parade brings to New York.” Many millions of people held their turkey dinner via videoconference every year, now millions are making their way back to their families. On a train station platform in Washington, Erica Clinton says: “It definitely feels safer now because we are vaccinated. When I traveled for Thanksgiving last year, I was so scared that I might get infected and carry the virus into my family, but I took the risk anyway. Now it’s less stressful of the nerves. “As a positive side effect of working from home, which has now become common, the dense rush to the trains was lessened, as many were able to leave earlier than usual. In addition to the joy of reunion of many families, NGOs in Los Angeles report on Another impact of the pandemic: the financial insecurity of many households, which becomes particularly evident on Thanksgiving. “Unfortunately, food insecurity in Los Angeles County was a very real problem even before the pandemic, and the pandemic has made the situation of people already affected even further aggravated. As Thanksgiving is coming up this week, more and more families are turning to the food bank and our partner organizations to get food aid, “says food bank assistant Victoria Lasavath while handing out food packages. One bag could support a family of four for around a week, anyone with uncertainty of supply is welcome. The nationwide 7-day incidence in the US is currently around 200, with a vaccination rate of almost 58% of those who are fully vaccinated.


After massive restrictions and cancellations, many in the US are looking forward to the opportunity to travel and get together.