[VIDEO] Former president of Cafesalud to jail for corruption

A Judge of the Republic sentenced the former president of Cafesalud, Guillermo Grosso, to six years in prison and an arrest warrant was immediately issued.

Even though they tried to ensure that the sentence could be paid at home, the judge did not accept and established that the man should be admitted to a prison.

To Grosso, justice found him responsible as a co-author by fraud of Bribery for giving or offering and by fraud of the crime of conspiracy to commit a crime.

In addition to six years in prison, the former president of Cafesalud must pay a fine of 173 million pesos.

Guillermo Enrique Groaao Sandoval, was also disqualified from exercising public rights and functions.

By denying the house for jail, the judge argued that this measure is not possible since the crime of bribery for giving or offering, for which a sentence is issued, is one of those that affect the administration of justice and for this reason the legislation does not allows this type of ‘benefits’.

According to the Prosecutor’s Office, it was demonstrated in court that the former president of Cafesalud EPS, Guillermo Enrique Grosso Sandoval, was part of a criminal network in which money was delivered to an official of the Superintendency of Health so that she could influence administrative and financial procedures that were taking place in that entity.

The tests account for three distinct events. Initially, Grosso Sandoval participated in the payment of a bribe for 600 million, between November 2015 and February 2016, which was destined to the purchase of an apartment.

With this irregular maneuver, the former director of the EPS guaranteed that millionaire resources were expeditiously disbursed to a friend’s Health Services Provider Institution (IPS).

On the other hand, it became clear that he offered the Supersalud official a shareholding in an IPS that he intended to buy with some of his partners.

Finally, as proven, the convicted person undertook to deliver gifts to guarantee the transfer of patients from a liquidated IPS to another entity that was of interest to Grosso Sandoval.

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