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Video game. Sekiro, hard to be a samurai

If you are not ready to pay the price, go your way. Such could be the motto of Sekiro, a video game so difficult that it finds itself in the midst of a controversy: would it have been necessary, yes or no, to endow it with an easy mode? Some players, disgusted, make their purchase in store after two days. The Japanese studio From Software is famous for the intransigence of his works. His brilliant Gothic trilogy of the Dark Souls and his very Victorian Bloodborne have been critical and commercial hits. They have profoundly influenced the industry, showing that an arduous but consistent game, where each opponent must be respected and feared, can find his audience. Except that Sekiro, which takes place in a medieval and fantastic Japan, is even more arid than its elders and is accused of elitism. Has its creator, Hidetaka Miyazaki, been wrong not to offer several levels of difficulty, as is the case for most games?

every fight is a duel

Some believe that he would have had everything to gain from speaking to different audiences, and argue that there are many footnotes to books and formats for the deaf and hard of hearing in movies. Friars of comparison with the other arts, they consider that the treatment reserved for Sekiro is absurd. It would be like forbidding to translate a Roman author so that only those who learn to read Latin have the pleasure of reading it … But for others, giving Sekiro a more accessible mode would be like reading a summary of War and Peace for simply remember that it speaks of Russia … The game would lose its soul, all its interest residing in its difficulty, pushing the player to sublimate, to show observation, rigor, patience and self-sacrifice. It forces him to discipline, to become better by learning from his mistakes. The samurai way is not easy and each fight is thought of as a real duel. Sekiro – who poses, as rarely in the video game, the question of who owns a work, between its author and his players – in the end does not have much sadistic. Nor does he seek to exclude the "weak" players, but wants to encourage those who venture to improve and drastically change their playing habits. He has something from the intractable fencing master, who would sweat blood and water his disciple on an almost mystical path. The opposite of a consensual game.


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