About thirty steamers will play live for fifty hours straight while encouraging the public to donate to the NGO. Last year, they had collected 450,000 euros.

It's a real charity marathon. Dozens of French video game streaming figures are joining forces for the third year in a row to raise funds for a humanitarian cause.

These streamers – a business that consists of playing video games, commenting and interacting live with viewers on platforms like Twitch – are preparing to play for fifty hours in a row, taking turns, while encouraging "viewers" ( spectators in gaming language) to donate to Médecins Sans Frontières.

Created three years ago by one of the figures in the middle, Adrien "Zerator" Nougaret, 28 years old, the Z-event brings together this year in Montpellier about thirty of the most famous streamers in France. Their charity marathon will begin this Friday at 8 pm and continue until Sunday. The viewers will be able to attend the flagship games of the moment like League of Legend, Overwatch or the phenomenon of the year, Fortnite.

Twelve million fans on YouTube

According to the count of the French Association for the video game, the communities of the various animators represent cumulatively twelve million fans on Youtube, as well as six million on Twitter and six million on Twitch. Interested parties are invited to follow the event on the Z-event website.

In the first edition, "Zerator" and his team raised 170,000 euros for the NGO Save The Children. Last year, the steamers managed to collect 450,000 euros in donations to the Red Cross and the victims of Hurricane Irma. The President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron, had himself welcomed the initiative and applauded the performance.

Gabriel Nedelec



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