Video games are getting more expensive. How much prices go up

Video games are on the rise as console warfare returns, according to CNBC. Microsoft and Sony are set to deliver state-of-the-art Xbox and PlayStation consoles next month. Forecasts say that the price of standard games for the new consoles would rise from $ 60, as was the launch price, to $ 70.

Foreign gamers believe that the price of such a game is expensive for the crisis we are in. Alex is also a gamer and has given about $ 7,000 in games so far. Here’s what he told me.

“If you’re a fan of something, for example, I’m a Star Wars fan, I’d give $ 70. But I wouldn’t give $ 70 for anything Xbox or PlayStation 5 comes out. I think it’s a bit much. We are in the digital age, games have jumped a lot, consumption has increased and obviously the price will increase to have something to make other consoles, other games, to continue franchises. The rivalry between Sony and Microsoft has become very big, but it will have a big impact on gamers. I bought my PlayStation specifically for that blu-ray player. I didn’t understand this maneuver at all – to release without CDs. No one will give – Uh, $ 70 for a code. Give it to him. Not! People want a carcass, people want a manual, they want a story “, says Alex Ţilimpea.

  • The Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 cost about $ 500
  • The Sony digital PS5 costs $ 400
  • The Xbox S Series costs $ 300

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