Video Games: Epic Games Store gives away ‘Torchlight’ and announces its next free game

Updated 07/11/2019 at 14:01

As promised last week, Epic Games Store You have activated the rotation of your free games promotion, allowing us to download Torchlight Without aditional costs. You have from today until July 18 to do it. After that time, Limbo, the adventure puzzle game of Playdead, which will be available until July 25.

Torchlight is a fantasy role-playing game with comic book aesthetics and action very much in line with the saga of Diablo of Blizzard. In it, we can team up with our friends, develop specialized characters and make our way through dungeons full of enemies of all kinds.

The whole story takes place in an enclave that was founded after the discovery of a rare mineral that has the power to enchant or corrupt everything it touches. Many hostile creatures have decided to access the tunnels under the town to take this mineral. Our duty is to avoid it, for this we have to choose between three heroes and kill all the creatures.

Limbo, for its part, is a sinister and silent adventure in black and white where we control a slow and harmless avatar who tries to survive and escapes to a world full of dangers. It is on its way to being a decade old, but it was once a highly celebrated game that led Playdead to develop another, more recent title just as well received: Inside.


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