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Video games – Steam crackdown on tourist gamers

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Users who used to change their account country to take advantage of better offers can no longer do so as regularly.

Beware of changing the country of a Steam account too often when purchasing a game! Players who use this trick to save money by taking advantage of the best deals available in other parts of the world could be virtually stuck for several months in the chosen nation. Valve, owner of the famous online game distribution platform, has just stepped up its measures against players who are adept at this “tourism”.

“In a new crackdown on people buying games in cheaper regions, Valve has added a limit to how often you can change the country of your Steam account,” noted the Steam Database Twitter account, which specializes in news related to the game service. As a result, players will now only be able to change the country of their accounts once every three months. This restrictive measure is in addition to the obligation to use a means of payment issued in the selected country. In effect since 2020, this limitation was intended to reduce the use of VPN (Virtual Private Network) software, which allows Internet users to hide their real IP address, in particular.

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