Video games, the 2018 selection of La Croix for Christmas


►Spyro Reignited trilogy

Activision, $ 29.99 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

Twenty years after his birth, the little purple dragon still spits flames. He even found a second wind with remastering in high definition of his first three adventures, brought together in this pack. Shimmering textures, fluid animation and original cinematics, platform games have taken over colors and the little dragon has gained in force. Galloping in ultra-colorful landscapes, riding ice skates or skateboarding, he picks up gems, leaps to save his dragon friends, turned into a stone by a curse, and rushes horns forward to defeat his enemies. What energy!

From the age of 8

►Starlink: Battle for Atlas

Ubisoft, 79,90 € on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PlayStation 4

After meeting an alien stranded on Earth, astrophysicist Victor Saint Grand recruited a crew to explore the space. But during an attack, he is kidnapped. Exciting, the main mission of this game is to go looking for seven planets with very varied atmospheres (desert, tropical …). Impressive space battles, endearing characters and rich graphic universe, Starlink has many assets to seduce pre-teen lovers of space exploration and fantasy universe. Note: toy ships sold separately are not required to complete the quest.

From 10 years old

►Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Nintendo, 55 € on Nintendo Switch

Highly anticipated by many fans of Nintendo, this fighting and platforming game aligns the technical prowess: punctuated by nearly 900 music, it can embody 74 characters from completely different worlds, from the adorable Kirby to the Princess Zelda, Mario and the Metroid bounty hunter. As in the other titles of the series, the goal is to eject his opponent out of the arena by collecting objects and avoiding the traps of a moving environment. This version, the first on the console Switch, is ideal for playing several but there is also a solo adventure mode that will hold many hours.

From 12 years old

Cécile Jaurès



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