Video games. The 5 coolest inhabitants of “Animal Crossing”

Exited exactly “at the right time”, Animal Crossing established itself in March 2020 as the containment game. Harvesting fruit, fishing, shaking trees and welcoming new inhabitants to your island as well as possible: this is a simple and relaxing mission that has convinced millions of players around the world. Among the more than 400 villagers that you can receive at your home, some stand out and are highly sought after.

1. Raymond

The cat Raymond (Jyakku, Jack in Japanese), born on October 1, and his miscellaneous eyes make more than one player dream ofAnimal Crossing. The phrase behind his portrait is “style is me”. Just that. Raymond is the only classy cat in the entire series and one of the few villagers who wears glasses.

picture raymond in animal crossing.  © nintendo

Raymond in Animal Crossing. © Nintendo

This is undoubtedly one of the reasons that made this character so popular and sought after. Brand new to the series, Raymond is only present in episodes Pocket Camp and New Horizons.

2. Mathéo

This white squirrel with a blond lock looks like a boy band singer. That’s good, his favorite hobby is music. The quote on his portrait is: ” Take advantage of today. Tomorrow it may no longer be fashionable”. Born on September 29, Mathéo (or Jun in Japanese) is highly sought after by players ofAnimal Crossing.

photo mathéo in animal crossing.  © nintendo

Mathéo in Animal Crossing. © Nintendo

Arrived in the license since the episode New Leaf on Nintendo 3DS, it has since appeared in Happy Home Designer, Amiibo Festival, Pocket Camp, New Horizons obviously and even as a spectator of the races in the DLC Animal Crossing from Mario Kart 8 on the Wii U.

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3. Neferti

The case of Neferti (Nairu in Japanese in reference to the Nile) is a bit special. Can we say that she is cool? What is certain is that the character, hijacked by little pranks, has gone viral on the internet and in particular the social network TikTok. However, there are no lascivious poses in the Nintendo game. The Egyptian Cat has appeared in almost every game except Wild World and Pocket Camp.

picture neferti in animal crossing.  © nintendo

Neferti in Animal Crossing. © Nintendo

The maxim behind his portrait is “All that glitters is not gold”, her talent is to play cards and she dreams of becoming an astronaut. With an arrogant personality, she constantly frowns and never smiles.

5. Marvin

Do you know takoyaki? This Japanese dish originating from Osaka is an assortment of stuffed dumplings with a piece of octopus. All covered with a syrupy sauce and flakes of dried bonito that seem to dance under the effect of the heat. Happiness.

photo marvin in animal crossing.  © nintendo

Marvin in Animal Crossing. © Nintendo

Marvin (Takoya in Japanese) is an octopus with… a stick sticking behind his head. In short, a living takoyaki! With his fair skin and his brown hair in the form of a topping, it would be nothing but fire. His motto behind his photo is: “If I eat like four, it’s because I have eight arms! ». Malin.

Naturally lazy, Marvin was born on March 8. We find it in the games of the Animal Crossing series since the episode New Leaf.

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5. Patty

We stay in the field of food with Patty (Pati in Japanese). This pink rhino born March 19 has a horn topped with a ruff (like the tip of her tail) and the phrase behind her portrait is her maxim: ” The life ? It’s a piece of cake ! ».

photo patty, one of the inhabitants of animal crossing.  © nintendo

Patty, one of the inhabitants of Animal Crossing. © Nintendo

Gifted for scratching, she dreams of becoming a pastry chef. In Animal Crossing New Horizons, his house is cozy and equipped with a food processor. We can see her in the series since New Leaf.