VIDEO – Good news for Laura Smet: “proud”, she announces a “birth”


Very discreet since the beginning of the case concerning the legacy of Johnny Hallyday, Laura Smet came out of his silence to announce a beautiful news. This is a “birth” a bit peculiar … Far from his judicial fight Laura Smet is looking forward to some very good news. Since the death of Johnny Hallyday, the name of Laura Smet is rather associated with the will of the latter. Disinherited – just as his brother David – Laura decided to fight so that his rights are recognized. The court in Nanterre gave reasons for Johnny’s two elders freezing of his property . On the other hand, they were dismissed from their application for right of gaze on the posthumous album – which will be released in a few months . While one of his lawyers confided in what state she was at the time of writing her famous letter that launched hostilities , Laura Smet does not speak on the case. Nevertheless, the actress made a beautiful announcement, via her Instagram account. The 34-year-old posted a video with the caption: ” Proud to announce the birth of Frégate production “. She adds a new string to her bow, that of producer. Recently, Laura Smet had also launched a new challenge: become a director . A few weeks ago, she went behind the camera to make his first short film . A moment all the more moving that it directs his mother Nathalie Baye . This is not the first time that mother and daughter work together. Until now, however, they had the habit of replying. They thus played for the first time together in the series of France 2, Ten percent , before reiterating the experience at the cinema in The Guardians . Besides her mother, Laura Smet seems to be well surrounded for this new project. His companion Raphael could also be part of the adventure. As soon as her short film was finished, Laura Smet posted a picture on her Instagram account to thank those who had worked with her. ” A huge thank you to all my amazing team. It was one of my best professional adventures She had written, mentioning in particular her companion and her mother. Photo Credits: Bestimage


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