Video: Haifa Wehbe "bombard the front" every artist imitating her "six girls" – the pretext and Aldleibalvideo .. Haifa Wehbe "bombard the front" every artist Qldtha "six girls" free pen, a beautiful glow in a new day through our site where we always ensure that We offer a great content of the leading news, we would like to admire our dear visitors in the Arab world, and we are also keen to provide the news from the real sources with full transparency and credibility through our website "Free Pen – the leading pioneer in the Arab region. We follow all the modern news and we monitor and analyze it The Lebanese singer Haifa Wehbe launched a new song called 'Six Girls' from her new album 'Hawa'. Wahbi appears in the clip of the song wearing a short dress in golden radiance, and has increased the excitement of her appearance wearing nylon stockings The Lebanese singer shows all the clip and she sings on one of the stairs and did not change her appearance or place in the clip, but the most controversial of the song is the new Wahbi is her words, as Wahbi during the words attacked every girl who imitated in style or style, It copies And it is difficult to imitate them and they are 'six girls' and described that kind of girls as 'souls'. The lyrics of the song raised a big controversy among the audience of Wahbi, who considered the song a clear message to the sexually transmitted 'Haifa Magic', which imitates Wahbi with all the details of her life, especially as she did many of the cosmetic operations to look like her, and commented a large number of Lebanese audience on the video that Wahbi ' Front 'of every girl and artist tried to imitate, asserting that it is the origin. All of Hawa's songs feature stories and some of the girls' problems. Wahbi launched each song from the album in a single way, and promoted each song with a special poster and a suitable comment. Short link 2018-09-13 2018-09-13 Clubs to thank everyone who read the news very carefully and we liked to bring the views closer to the real leadership we are always good at you, video .. Haifa Wehbe "bombard the front" every artist imitated B "The Six Girls" free pen, we hope we have been admired everywhere, where the news is now transferred video .. Haifa Wehbe "bombard the front" every artist imitated by "six girls" through our free pen, Through the social networking pages of our website "The free pen – the first pioneer in the Arab region" we hope to share the news through the sites of communication Jtmai.almsdr: News Alkatebmoadia messenger information related to


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