This is one of the major health challenges of tomorrow: childhood obesity. In 2016, there were more than 41 million overweight children in the world, and this phenomenon would increase as it reaches the youngest, according to the World Health Organization. Vigilance is therefore appropriate.

If your child is overweight or obese between 2 and 6 years old, he will have a hard time regaining normal body size, according to a recent study. After studying the curves of 50,000 children, these German researchers drew eloquent conclusions: 90% of overweight or obese adolescents today were already at the age of 3 years.

To prevent this phenomenon, it is first necessary to have a visual cue. The silhouette of your child should be constantly refined between 1 and 6 years. From 6 years old, it may have some roundness, but the extra pounds are supposed to disappear on their own as they approach puberty. If between 1 and 6 years old your child becomes more and more corpulent, you need to monitor your body mass index (ie weight divided by height, squared). The result indicates to you, according to the sex of your child, if it is in the category lean, in the norm, overweight or obese. If it is not in the norm, think about consulting.

Predispositions to Obesity All physicians agree that there is a genetic component. In the mother's womb already, there may be predispositions, since 43.7% of overweight or obese adolescents today were already larger than average fetuses for their gestational age.

Lifestyles and diet are also involved. In France, a third of 3-year-olds are used to eating in front of a screen. Faced with a television or a tablet, the child will not realize that he is no longer hungry, he will continue to eat and thus increase by 20% to 30% his caloric intake.

To know which portions to give according to the ages or how to balance the meals of the youngest ones, the site gives several advices, among which to make do an hour of sport per day to the children.

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