Video. How did a young killer whale, in a worrying state, end up in the Seine?

According to the latest information, the orca was last observed in Barneville-sur-Seine, in Eure, about twenty kilometers from Rouen. The Cotentin cetacean study group (GECC) is on an observation mission to assess the causes of such a phenomenon. Delphine Eloi, director of the GECC distills initial information to RTL: “The killer whale measures around four meters, it’s a male” before mentioning the state of its “completely curved” dorsal fin. A sign of poor health or not enough depth, according to the researcher.

A prefectural decree in preparation

“The vital prognosis is engaged. We are really, really worried. His state of health is very degraded”, explained Gérard Mauger, vice-president of the GECC, an association based in Cherbourg commissioned by the French Office for Biodiversity (OFB) for the study and preservation of marine mammals in the Channel. “The longer she stays in fresh water, the more it will accelerate the deterioration of her state of health. It is very far from the sea. It is really complicated to find solutions to try to encourage it to return to the path of salt water, ”added this retired high school principal, founder of the GECC in 1997. prefectural decree is preparation to protect both the animal and the population, according to Gérard Mauger.

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