VIDEO – “I missed his phone call…”: ashamed, Alexandre Astier reveals why he snubbed Thomas Pesquet

Fan of astrophysics, Alexandre Astier sent a nice gift to Thomas Pesquet: the first part of Kaamelott the film. The thanks of the astronaut, then on a mission in the International Space Station, remained a dead letter, told the director to C à Vous, this Wednesday, November 24.

Fans of Kaamelott know it, Alexandre Astier and Thomas Pesquet share a common passion for astrophysics. Director, author de Exoconference in 2015, had the good idea to offer a gift to the French astronaut. The latter, then on a mission in the International Space Station, received a preview of the first part of the film. Kaamelott, last July. A nice touch that is not due to chance : Thomas Pesquet is a big fan of the saga. He also wanted to thank Alexandre Astier by calling him from his Alpha mission.

Obviously, the thanks of Thomas Pesquet did not reach their final destination. On the set of C to You, this Wednesday, November 24, Alexandre Astier told this funny anecdote. “I missed his call! When I get a phone number I don’t know, I don’t answer, like many of us. And that was him, from the ISS!”, revealed the actor of 47 years with humor. Never mind, the very media astronaut still publicly thanked the creator of the series. Patience is a dish that always pays off : Kaamelott first part made the trip to the ISS! “, he announced on Twitter.

“They don’t have a crazy Internet!”

Sending this highly anticipated film into space was no easy feat. If Thomas Pesquet took off with the complete series Kaamelott, Alexandre Astier had to deploy treasures of the imagination to transmit the film file to the International Space Station. “It was necessary to make it leave in a very small pipe because big surprise, the pipe between us and the ISS is not that big in fact. They don’t have a crazy Internet!, explained the actor on the set of Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine, specifying that the astronaut had to watch the famous feature film on a tiny screen.

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