Video: IKEA closes in Russia, Russians have taken it by storm in recent days

The Scandinavian chain with affordable furniture is closing – so far temporarily – in Russia and Belarus. “We are suspending the export of goods from Russia and Belarus, as well as the import of goods to these countries. IKEA Industry will cut off production in Russia, as well as deliveries from subcontractors. Ingka Group also closes all IKEA stores in Russia, “said Petr Šašek, spokesman for IKEA CR (List here).

The measure will affect almost 15,000 employees, 17 stores and three production plants.

Last financial year, Russia was IKEA’s tenth largest market. Retail sales there reached 1.6 billion euros (41 billion crowns), accounting for four percent of the group’s total retail sales, Reuters reported.

After the announcement of the closure of the branches, huge queues immediately began to form in front of many of them. AP reported with reference to customers on the spot that it even trades with queued seats. Some people did not hide their anger; According to them, IKEA’s move will only affect ordinary people.

“I don’t think it’s entirely right that they target ordinary people when closing retail chains like IKEA,” said Olga Mosinova, a resident of Moscow.

According to local journalists, the store staff advised customers to leave the queues because it was not possible to serve them all before closing time. However, even the warning did not make the waiting. They also hoped that they would get into the store, writes the Business Insider server.

For example, the Swedish clothing chain H&M or the British online fashion retailers ASOS and Boohoo have stopped sales in Russia this week. The disruption of sales in Russia was also announced by some major American companies, including the technology company Apple, the car manufacturer Ford and the motorcycle manufacturer Harley-Davidson.