Tuesday, 24 Apr 2018
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VIDEO INTERVIEW, from Melbourne, with Simona Halep: “I would like Serena Williams to be here and even to play against her!”


How do you feel here?
Okay, I’m okay. I already have a week in Australia, I think I’ve settled in. Anyway, the conditions are similar to those from Shenzhen, I pray, now it’s raining here, but the surface is the same, temperature about the same. In fact and in China it rained, so it’s not a novelty. Only the balls are different. The most importamnt is that I don’t have a problem from the point of physical and you could start the tournament in the best form.

cut your teeth in front of a traveling australians for 17 years. What do you know about her?
Not a big deal. My coach knows more, he told me a few things about it. I’ll do my regular game, I don’t change anything. Feel good ball, I like the surface here, I think it will be fine. It’s not easy to play against a traveling australians at home, especially if it is young, because it comes with a lot of ambition.

Best route subsequently do you find it difficult?
I’m only interested in the first match now, no I don’t really know with who I can play more. I’m not the type to stay to make plans. Take it match by match.

Come after two tournaments won. They gave you more confidence?

I played well in China. I’m confident, I’m positive and I’m ready to fight for every match here. My wish is to win a Grand Slam, but it’s hard at the beginning of the tournament thinking about the trophy. There are many matches. We’ll see you along the way if I’m capable of.

First Grand Slam as number 1 in the world. Is it different?
It feels different, but I can’t say that it’s different. I am glad of this occasion, that I came here as number 1 in the world, but that’s it. You will have to play very well every game. Number 1, number 2, number 3, it matters less at a Grand Slam. Sure, I want to be as far up in the top, but now I’m focus to win the matches that come.

Australian Open is the tournament that you have never gone up above the quarters. What’s going on?
I don’t have a complex, if that’s what you mean. At the last two editions I had some medical issues. Before I played two quarters. I really like it here in Australia, but I couldn’t more than quarters. Hopefully I’ll succeed this time.

the Absence of Serena Williams you find an advantage?
No. It is a loss for tennis world. Serena is a great champion and I would have wanted to be here, and, why not, even to play against them. I admire her enormously and I’m sure he’ll be back in the top. I think that Serena is an example for all the female tennis players.It’s one of my role models.

This issue of the equipment even stressing you out?
not at all. It’s a problem seen from the outside. I’m not thinking of right now at no contract. There are people in charge of this and at the time you sign a new commitment. There’s no shortage of offers, if that’s actually the question.

what you’ll play at the Australian Open?
With the same equipment red, from Shenzhen. Is the equipment ordered on the internet in China. I sent a picture of what I wanted and within 24 hours I had him. They were a little nervous, because I didn’t know how I will come, but I was lucky. I feel perfect in it. I think I chose a beautiful pattern. Looks good, in my opinion.

“Truth” at the Australian Open 2018 – project supported by Aqua Carpatica

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