VIDEO – “It seems completely crazy to everyone”: four phobics tell about their struggle against fear

TESTIMONIALS – Emptiness, dogs, cars or crowds of public transport … They experience irrational fears in the eyes of others on a daily basis. But these phobics, who recount their fight on the TF1 program “Discovery Reports”, have decided to face it.

Catherine is afraid of heights, Magali is claustrophobic, little Lila is afraid of dogs, and Kevin can no longer drive more than 50 meters without a panic attack. Against these phobias that poison their lives, they each decided to react and face their worst nightmares. Laetitia Pongilmage and Dominique Lecomte met and accompanied these four “phobics” in their fight, moving and ultimately victorious, as shown in the video of the TF1 program “Discovery reports” at the top of this article.

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These are fears that may seem trivial, but those who experience them live through hell. The fear of heights conditions all of Catherine’s travels, her phobia of dogs prevents Lila from leaving her home, Kevin has had to give up going to work, and Magali can no longer leave her neighborhood.

Everyone lives their phobia, old or following a shock, as a handicap for a balanced life. To this is often added shame and opprobrium, so incomprehensible are these psychic nightmares in the eyes of others. “It sounds crazy to everyone “, confirms Catherine, a young retiree who has to cling to her husband’s arm for any ride a little high. Her trauma is old, a yellowed photo shows her at one year old, screaming in fear on a balcony. This means that facing this fear is a matter of immense courage. Catherine suffers from acrophobia, the fear of heights. Foot by foot, by dint of steps on her husband’s arm, and helped by virtual reality therapy, she will conquer altitude.

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To be cured, you have to face your worst anxieties, which is the case for each of them. Meter after meter, Kevin will come back to see his colleagues in the car, little Lila will smile again while walking a friend’s dog, and Magali will finally be able to take her children to the amusement park. “I’m so happy to find you”, her best friend told her, in tears, after 10 years of forced semi-imprisonment. This is the story of this courageous recovery of oneself, where therapies are the crutches of fierce and overwhelming wills.

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